Reality Rears Its Ugly Head

I’ve resumed listening to NPR.

I had to quit after the election because the thought of having as president, a man who preached racist, misogynist principles and was supported by the KKK  sickened me.  About a week ago, I realized that I get my daily fix of local flavor, heart-warming essays, and headlines from KCUR, so I started back again.  I read the morning briefing from the New York Times, and I cruise for a smattering of world view.  I’m letting it all back into my consciousness and taking deep cleansing breaths in between bursts of hearing about the plans which the president-elect and the Republican Congress have for us.

I’ve learned that the slow, steady climb out of the recession which we’ve enjoyed the last eight years won’t be acknowledged by this regime.  A review of the president-elect’s proposed cabinet members and staff establishes that he favors the rich, elite, and powerful, a group which I thought would be banished once he “drained the swamp”.  Stories of racist altercations and harsh rhetoric on both sides testify to the rift that the election has deepened or exposed.

And now we learn that the president-elect will charge U.S. taxpayers for  “The Wall”.   He  previously promised to make Mexico pay, but now expects to submit a chit across that Wall and seek reimbursement.

A bit ironic, I should say — from the man who has told us he doesn’t pay vendors if he considers their work substandard.  I’m guessing he won’t think turn about is fair play if the Mexican government reacts the same way, walking up and down The Wall inspecting the brickwork.

I’d unplug the radio but I don’t want to miss Snap Judgment and The Moth Radio Hour.

Reality rears its ugly head as the new Congress settles into its desks and orders new carpet for their offices.  We’re more divided than ever.  A man whose companies repeatedly sought protection in bankruptcy has the reins in his small hands and a sneer on his face.  Flocks of wealthy capitalists clamor at the gates of Paradise, seeking audience with the king.  Millions of Americans face a loss of health insurance.  Film at eleven, oooh ahhh ahhh.

The one bright note might be that Megyn Kelly finally left Fox News.  One can only hope she’ll be happy in her new home.  Maybe she’ll write her memoir and expose the corruption through which she dragged her skirts.