What it is, Is Scary

Here’s the thing.

I’m a little overwhelmed.

The job being done by this administration frightens me.  You see, they want to decrease the availability of decent health insurance, healthcare for poor women, school lunches for kids in need, and better education for all.  I can’t even fathom that the five or six people whom I know who voted for the current president support such appallingly discriminatory policies.

My twenty-something son and his girlfriend march every week in support of a better government but I wonder if we have any control over the insanity.  Trump’s press secretary either stupidly or arrogantly denies that Hitler used gas on his own people when thousands of German Jews suffered during the Nazi regime, many of whom were slaughtered in the gas chambers.  Trying to recover, he refers to concentration camps in which six million Jews died as “holocaust centers”.  I’ve heard people say that he wasn’t intending to deny the Holocaust, he is just a buffoon.

Is that supposed to reassure me?  That I have to choose between the White House Press Secretary being a Holocaust denier and being an idiot?

Trump fires 59 missiles on Syria after tipping off the Russians about his intentions so that Syria can hide their aircraft.  All he manages to do is damage an air strip.  He drops the MOTHER OF ALL BOMBS on Afghanistan, then flies down to Florida to golf.  He sends Pence to South Korea but warns that he might have to retaliate on North Korea.  Oh good.  Then if Trump gets impeached and Pence gets bombed, who’s next in line?

Why aren’t more people TERRIFIED and PROTESTING?

Well, lots of people are protesting; thousands some weeks, hundreds other weeks.  Rogue federal employees risk their jobs by tweeting or Instagramming the truth as they know it.  But really, people.  What can we do?  The Republicans control Congress and the White House.  An insane person occupies the Oval Office and could not care any less about most of America, including his own base.  Our country’s foreign and domestic policies depend upon his mood and whether he’s awake at 3:00 a.m. sending out irrational tweets to people who criticize him.

Which the First Amendment allows us to do, by the way.

I heard an interview with former President George W. Bush on NPR this week. My God, he sounded almost reasonable.  Almost intelligent.  Almost . . . Presidential.  I found myself feeling wistful when he acknowledged that even the presidency has a learning curve.

What it is, people, is damned scary.  Anyone who is NOT terrified has buried themselves in pulp fiction and the Top Stories in their Facebook feeds.

The rest of us keep our passports at hand, and pray that Canada will let us cross the border.


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