An Update to Virginia’s Question

I struggle to understand what has happened to American values.

The Google Fiber technician who replaced my old equipment today understands these values.  He came from Iraq in 2011 with his wife and two small children.  They have all become American citizens.  He stood on my steps reading the sign in my window and then held both of his hands around mine.  The contrast hit home:  My small beige hand against  his strong brown fingers.  Thank you, ma’am, thank you from all of us.  It seems that some immigrants appreciate being welcomed; possibly most of them do.

Where were American values when 49% of those casting votes last November picked a pussy-grabbing, disabled-persons-mocking, creditor-shafting man ignorant of geography, history, and civics as president?

Just before the election, Republicans flocked to disavow Trump because of his boast about sexual assault.  Yesterday, they flocked to the Rose Garden to celebrate their successful passage in the House of Representatives of what most believe to be a piece of legislation which will huurt poor people, seniors in poor health, and anyone with a pre-existing condition.

I do have Republican friends, though we avoid each other these days.  I would mainly gape at them in chagrin, trying to understand what kind of person wants to reverse progress and make life substantially more difficult for most Americans.  I don’t think they are all outrageously wealthy or cold-hearted.  But when Republicans in Congress push a healthcare plan that makes even doctors and hospitals  shudder, you know that American values fell by the voting wayside.

Ironically, good old #45 praised Single Payer Universal Healthcare in Australia right after convincing the Puppet Masters in the House to move this nation farther away from modern medical coverage.  No one reacted more beautiful to Trump’s seemingly oblivious statement than The One Who Got Away, Senator Bernie Sanders.  His spontaneous guffaw could get him convicted for laughing, as we recently saw in the outrageous instance of a woman’s reflexive outburst during AG Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing.  But Deity Of His Choice Bless Him Anyway, because, well, you all know you wanted to laugh, too.

Otherwise, nothing remains except crying.

My liberal friends post the same three or four questions on Facebook these days, most of which end with the call to Trump voters to admit that they’ve been had.  I don’t think anyone understands that the Trump voters have been had but that it’s too late.  Extracting admissions won’t help.  All we can do now is band together and try to save America from those in Washington who seemed hell bent on driving us over the cliff.

Members of Congress can afford to ravage the Affordable Care Act.  But the rest of us will not survive if they do.  We’ll lose our coverage; or we’ll lose coverage for pre-existing conditions; and we will not be able to afford the treatment that insurance now provides.

We deserve better.

Most developed nations have some form of Universal Health care, rather than the garbled junk that Trump and his cronies want to foist upon us.  Ask yourself this question:  Why does Congress want to deny Universal Health care to the citizens of this nation?  I can think of no good reason.   Universal health care benefits everyone, not just the wealthy.

Oh wait.  Perhaps I just answered my own question.

And that, Virginia, proves that Santa Claus is a Democrat.  Maybe even a socialist.


The sign in my window.




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  1. As usual, you have nailed it to the wall. I keep wondering if, at some point, I will be notified that I will no longer receive my SocSec benefits. Usually, I don’t have enough sense to be scared, or frightened, or even alarmed, about anything, but this President and his ilk running the country? That has me on the edge! Keep up the good work. You say a lot of what I feel, and much better than I ever could.
    with love!

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