Who I am: 2020 Update



Just an ordinary woman talking smack.

I’ve been many things in my life: A child, a daughter, a friend; a wife, a mother, a lawyer and a pet-owner. I’ve given my best to many things and my worst to a few. I live in the California Delta, in a tiny house on wheels.  I’m an eternal optimist and a sometime-poet. If I ever got a poem published in The New Yorker, I would die a happy woman. I’m a proud supporter of the Arts in Kansas City, all things tiny, and the Delta in which I now live. I am an LGBTQ Ally.  I vote Democrat, fly an all-inclusive flag, cry at Hallmark commercials, and recycle.

I’m writing this blog because someone needs to do it.

When I began this blog, it seemed to me that our country stood at the brink of possible ruin at the hands of a man who has driven company after company into bankruptcy.  Our then-president-elect thinks women should be grabbed, the disabled should be mocked, and creditors should be stiffed.  He invites dissent, destruction, and disaster.  He finds his support among racists, bigots, and misogynists.  He stands for the worst when our nation should hold its head high and stand with the best.

He has not disappointed my worst fears.  He has proven himself unfit to lead, time and time again — by the standards of those more qualified to know than I.

So here I am, and here I remain:  Setting myself as one small watch-dog in a nation that will soon feel the fury of his despicable behavior.

I might be wrong.  In fact, I pray that I am.  But I do not see any potential that he will change and I see great fear that he will be our undoing.  Therefore, I will be here.


Note:  Click HERE for my comments on the presidential order banning entry of certain travelers into our nation issued on 24 January 2017.

Further Note:  To see all the posts which I wrote during the week that the Russians had hacked me (this is no lie; a Russian-based splogger), please go to this link:


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